Japan Temple Stamp Books – Beautiful covers and high-quality bellows pages. It’s a pity if you just use it the way it’s supposed to be!

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Why do we get excited when we collect Japan Temple Stamps?

I ask people who like to visit shrines and temples, “What kind of Japan Temple Stamp Books do you use? Then, I get a variety of answers.

I use original Japan Temple Stamp Books that I can only purchase at shrines and temples.
I collect only light blue ones that match my lucky color.
I prefer the bellows type to the notebook type.
I make my Japan Temple Stamp Books by hand by cutting and pasting materials.

We can get a Japan Temple Stamp as proof of visiting a shrine or temple. It is considered the principal object of worship or an alter ego of the divine object. The combination of vermilion stamping and ink writing differs from temple to shrine. An increasing number of people are fascinated by its beauty and variety, and their hobby is collecting Japan Temple Stamps from all over the country.

Everyone looks happy talking about Japan Temple Stamp Books. That is probably because a Japan Temple Stamp reminds them of the irreplaceable experience of thinking about the nature and history of the area and of interacting with the people there.

“Japan Temple Stamp Books “”Cho-you”” Red
Japan Temple Stamp Books “”Cho-you”” Yellow”

From Haibara Chiyogami to collaborations with illustrators, a variety of sophisticated patterns

I recently gave a set of Haibara’s Japan Temple Stamp Books, Cho-you Red, and Cho-you Yellow, to a couple of friends who enjoy visiting shrines and temples. They both loved them and said, “I love the beautiful covers and the smooth texture of washi!” and “I look forward to collecting more Japan Temple Stamps.”

Haibara’s Japan Temple Stamp Books lineup consists of more than 30 different types.
The lineup includes more than 20 cover designs using Haibara chiyogami, handed down from generation to generation in Haibara, a design collaboration with popular illustrator Masuko Eri, and “Kasane,” a floating pattern of chiyogami on pure white washi paper. All of them are sophisticated designs that make your heart bounce.

The slightly larger size of 18cm x 12cm allows the ready-made Japan Temple Stamp to be neatly affixed without sticking out. The inside paper is made of Hosho-shi paper, which is soft to the touch. The pages are in a bellows style, so when you look back at the Japan Temple Stamp you received, you will be thrilled by the spectacular view.

As a travel notebook or guestbook, etc., it’s so much fun, depending on your ideas!

Did you know there’s so much more you can do with Japan Temple Stamp Books, utilizing their features such as bellows style, unruled pages, and striking cover?
I often purchase Haibara’s Japan Temple Stamp Books for other uses in addition to those for temples and shrines.
I recommend the following three uses.

1. As a travel notebook filled with memories of the destination.

  • First, Select the Japan Temple Stamp Books with a design that perfectly matches the image of your travel destination. For example, from among Haibara lineups, “Rikka” (blue) with snowflakes for a winter trip, or “Sakura” (pink) for a trip to admire cherry blossoms.
  • Make a list of things to prepare for your trip, attach maps, and write down information about places you would like to visit. Use your note before you go on a trip to boost your motivation.
  • You can also use an instant camera to take photos of the scenery and food you encounter on your trip and paste the pictures or draw illustrations. It is also interesting to frequently write comments with colored pens or other tools to help you make various discoveries.
  • The cover is solid and stable, and the pages can be spread out and displayed standing up, allowing you to enjoy traveling at home.

2. As a recipe notebook summarizing how to prepare delicious dishes.

  • Write items such as the dish’s name, ingredients, preparation method, cost, and cooking time in an easy-to-understand way for you to cook.
  • Without ruled lines, there is no back printing and you can use it freely for illustrations and pasting photos.
  • You can open the pages and stand them up, so it is convenient to cook while checking the contents.

3. As a “guestbook” for weddings and commemorative parties.

  • Each guest can write a message of congratulations or thanks to the person they are meeting in the book, just like a collection of notes.
  • It is also fun to put photos taken with an instant camera, draw illustrations, or put stickers on them.
  • Theperson who received the gift can decorate it with it open so they can enjoy the heartfelt message and the party’s atmosphere.

In addition to these three, you can use it in various ways depending on your ideas, such as a photo book or stamp book, depending on your ideas. My mother enjoyed writing her hobby haiku with a brush or pasting the autumn leaves she found in her garden.

With a bit of ingenuity, the thoughts and scenery you encounter in your daily life can be turned into an art book that will bring you excitement.
Nostalgic and new, the wide variety of Haibara’s Japan Temple Stamp Books will accompany your playful spirit.

Japan Temple Stamp Books “Rikka” Red
Japan Temple Stamp Books “Rikka” Blue
Japan Temple Stamp Books “Sakura” Pink
Japan Temple Stamp Books “Sakura” Red

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