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“Haibara Online Museum” has been released.

The online museum of Haibara proposes the beauty of style in daily life.

Since its establishment in 1806, Wagamiho, the Japanese paper manufacturer, Haibara, has been pursuing original designs by combining ancient Japanese traditions with the spirit and sensibility of the times.

The designs fit into people’s daily lives and bring comfort and love. They carry wishes for happiness, prosperity, longevity, protection from evil, good health, and family safety.

We hope you will enjoy the beauty of styles refined by tradition and innovation in your daily life and live a graceful life that fulfills your heart.

It is a proposal from Haibara, which has been a part of people’s lives for more than 200 years.

We have been proposing a lifestyle with washi since our founding.

Our products, made with high-quality washi from all over Japan and patterns handed down from the Haibara Shugyoku Library, convey the beauty of handcraftsmanship and Japanese lifestyle and culture to the modern age.

We received essays and stories from actual users of our products.

Hyakka Design Collection
Founded in 1806, Haibara has a large collection of high-value designs by top painters and artisans. These designs condense the world of delicate and expressive beauty, such as seasonal plants, living creatures, and geometric patterns.
We hope that these traditional designs, considered treasures of Japan, will be passed on to the next generation and incorporated into people's daily lives. With this in mind, Haibara's original "Hyakka Design" was created by combining inherited designs with new arrangements.
Artisans carefully color each design using traditional Japanese techniques such as "Nasenzuri" (printing) and "Katazome" (stencil dyeing) before converting them into data. It is characterized by its delicate lines, fluctuations in color, and the gentle texture of Japanese paper.