One-of-a-kind custom-made paper crafts in the quest of beauty

One of Haibara’s philosophies has been “to enrich people’s lives through paper” since its inception in 1806.
For over 200 years, we have inherited Japan’s rich paper tradition and pursued beauty with the use of reliable techniques and sophisticated designs.

Haibara has not only sold products planned and developed in-house but has also responded to various requests from corporate clients for custom-made products (OEM business), such as “We want Haibara’s designs to be used to create original products for our company” or “We would like to have commemorative gifts that combine our corporate color and auspicious designs.”
Our products have been adopted and well received by a wide range of customers, including temples, shrines, hotels, museums, department stores, stationery stores, and bookstores.

When you order an original woodblock-printed product, for example, an engraver carves a woodblock from scratch based on the design, and a printer applies colors to the woodblock before hand-printing it on Japanese paper, one sheet at a time. Letter paper, postcards, uchiwa fans, mini envelopes, and other items can also be produced from the finished print.
We can also produce accordion letter paper from your own design.
In addition, we can make notebooks, photo frames, pilgrimage books and other items using Haibara-made chiyogami, based on our designs. We are carefully listening to the requests of each customer.

In recent years, in addition to OEM, we have focused on licensing, in which we license Haibara’s chiyogami patterns and Japanese designs for a charge upon request.
The patterns have been employed in a variety of fields, including kimonos and kimono accessories, book bindings, and T-shirt designs. People of all ages and genders have given us great feedback, such as “the warmth of Japanese designs is peaceful” and “the retro ambience is appealing.”

We strive to express heartfelt warmth in order to brighten your days.
Handicrafts and designs by Haibara will stay with you in many parts of your everyday life, showing you the exquisite traditions of Japan.

We will design patterns, modify the colors, and propose your original product upon request.
Haibara’s “custom-made products” can range from the imprinting of names on your company’s products to the development of your own products.


The reprinting of Haibara designs endows washi with a new appeal right into the present day.

Brand Story

Ganpishi paper by Haibara impressed Edoites (Old Tokyo people)

Haibara’s washi paper made it all the way to Europe.

Haibara establishes the groundwork for “Haibara Designs” by cultivating relationships with top-tier painters.

Letter Culture in Everyday Life.Official postcards were made by Haibara, which supported the dawn of the postal service.

The subject of literary legends, “Haibara,” as well as its mesmerizing chiyogami and letter paper.

Our guests—Palace officials, former prime ministers, rock stars—taught me all the important things.

Apollo 11 took Haibara’s recording paper into space

The reprinting of Haibara designs endows washi with a new appeal right into the present day.

One-of-a-kind custom-made paper crafts in the quest of beauty