“Jabara letter set – A modern version of rolled letter paper can stimulates the desire to write.

Jabara Letter Papers

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The number of fans of Jabara letter set is increasing.

“Since I came across Haibara’s Jabara letter set, I have come to love writing letters.” “Recently, I have been surrounded by a growing number of Jabara letter set lovers.” says fans of Haibara’s Jabara letter set.
They happily say that they used to just choose telephone calls or e-mails for communication tool, but they have realized the value of handwritten letters.

As for myself, I am one of them. Whenever I see Haibara’s Jabara letter set stocked in my stationary box, I pick up my fountain pen and think excitedly, “It’s time to send a seasonal greeting,” or “I should write a thank-you note for gift.”

I have loved writing letters since I was a child. My correspondents included friends who have transferred to another school, a college girl in the neighborhood, and my cousins living far away. In my desk drawer, character letterheads and colorful envelopes were more prominent than my study materials.

As I grew older, however, I accumulated reasons for not writing, such as “I can’t write neatly,” “Email is faster and more convenient,” and “It’s a hassle to go to the mailbox,” and the opportunities to write letters gradually diminished.

Then one day, while cleaning out my closet, I found long-forgotten treasure. It was a letter sent by my best friend from high school brass band. The letter said, “The performance at the school festival was the best! I will never forget the applause from the audience. I had a really good time with you.” The round letters spelled out in dark blue pen spoke to me in the same tone of voice as my best friend back then.

Every time I read the handwritten letters, I feel as if the writer is there with me.

As I took in the fresh feelings for the first time in decades, I recalled what Mr. Hoshino, the former manager of Haibara, said when I interviewed him; “Every time I read a handwritten letter, I feel as if I am there with the person to whom it is addressed.”

With the arrival of the digital society, a variety of simple, convenient, and efficient items have appeared on the market. However, “letters” are an irreplaceable and wonderful culture that transcends time and allows the writer and the reader to share their feelings and thoughts with each other.

When I picked up a piece of Jabara letter set and unfolded it for the first time at their store in Nihombashi, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow, what fun!” The endless, playful, and chic letter paper is truly a “modern version of rolled up paper.” I would love to write a letter to someone on this letter paper. It brought back the feelings of my childhood, when I enjoyed writing letters with the recipient in mind.

There is a reason why they sell so well!Four types of Jabara letter set which combined “easy to write on” and “playful spirit.”


–If you are not sure which one to buy, try “the normal type” first!

There are four types of Jabara letter set that you can use in a variety of situations. If you are not sure which one to buy, we recommend the normal type, which is very easy to use. The simple type with only ruled lines can be used not only for writing messages, but also as a convenient memo pad. Also, the patterned types such as “Hana-Asobi”, “Hyougo”, and “Chidori”, which were reprinted from the “Haibara Emakishi” design sold from the end of the Edo period (1603-1867) to the Meiji period (1868-1912), will deliver a warm heart along with handwritten letters. Letter papers alone and letter set that include covers and envelopes are also available, and will be appreciated not only for your own use but also as gifts.

–”Mini Jabara letter set” attract knickknack lovers.

The palm-sized “Mini Jabara letter set” is packaged along with Pochi-bukuro in a pretty matchbox-like case. The retro and pop designs, such as “Matsu and Fuji,” “Rikka,” and “Nami ni Tori,” will attract the hearts of knickknack lovers. These can be used not only for little notes, but also as mini message cards. One of the female Haibara staff’s top recommendation at the time of our interview was “Yamamichi”. The pattern is based on a chiyogami pattern designed by Yumeji Takehisa for Haibara in the Taisho period (1912-1926). “I like it because it is appropriate for both vertical and horizontal writing,” she recommended.

–” Jabara letter set for horizontal writing” can also be used as a fancy greeting card.

In response to many requests from Jabara letter set lovers, “Jabara letter set for horizontal writing” is now available. This is quite revolutionary.
Since horizontal writing is familiar to everyone compared to vertical writing, so even those who are not comfortable writing by hand can relax and write. Also, the paper is thicker than the vertical writing type, so it can be used as a formal greeting card. Moreover, the design for the horizontal writing type is very nice and romantic. The designs are based on traditional and beloved patterns such as “Wasurenagusa (forget-me-nots)”, “Karakusa (arabesques)”, and “Hinagiku (Daisy)”, which will make both the writer and the reader feel kind and comfortable.

–“Tsuzuri-Bako (Boxed) Jabara letter set” can also be used as a toolbox exclusively for letters.

When it comes time to write a letter, it is a hassle to prepare a variety of items such as letter papers, envelopes, writing materials, and stamps. In such cases, “Tsuzuri-bako Jabara letter set,” which Jabara letter papers are contained in a box covered by Haibara original Chiyogami pattern, could be the perfect solution for you. If you store letter papers in a box with your favorite pens and stamps, you can immediately spell out your message when you feel like writing a letter. As for me, I store my fountain pens and small stickers in it. The letter papers are made of thick, high-quality paper, so you can enjoy the smooth writing experience.

Choose, write, and receive. Welcome to the world of Jabara letter set, where you can enjoy all of them!

There are two things their users like about common in all kinds of Jabara letter set. One is the perforation on the folds of the letter paper, and the other is the width of the ruled line, which makes it easy to write on the paper.
The appeal of this letter paper is that it can be used freely without being restricted by letter formats or rules, and can be written shorter or longer, with stickers in the margins, or sometimes with illustrations, depending on the mood at the time.
When you have finished writing, you will feel the indescribable exhilaration of tearing off the perforations, and you will be a member of the world of Jabara letter set.

Jabara letter set will help you to deliver a little daily thoughtfulness in a casual, personalized way, and will be your reliable partner that comfortably supports your “desire to write.

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