Woodblock Printed Color Border Letter Set: high-quality, beautiful letterhead and envelopes selected by uncompromising adults

Woodblock Printed Color Border Letter Set

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What is the standard for selecting things that a “cool adult” thinks?

It’s been decades since I’ve been thinking about becoming mature.
I am already an adult in terms of age and appearance. Yet, I’m always in a hurry and far from my ideal image.

What kind of person do you think of as a “matured person”?
Someone who has their own style and beliefs, someone who can discern the essence of things, someone who can delve into thoughts, someone who is charming and humble, someone who challenges lightly, someone who lives naturally and in a good mood, etc.
Oh, I admire them all.

Recently, I met a lovely woman in her late 70s during an interview who said something like this. She said, “I don’t take it negatively to get old, but I value how I age. What to choose based on the perspective of “it looks interesting” and “it looks fun” in me. Adults are the ones who can do this. That is why I do not compromise when it comes to choosing things. I can spend every day comfortably when I am with items that I have selected to my satisfaction.

The first step to becoming mature is to “choose things” without compromise.
In this issue, I would like to introduce a superb letter set suitable for experienced adults.

A letter set that elegantly assists you in conveying essential thoughts and feelings.

Tools such as LINE and social networking services are reliable for daily matters requiring a quick response.
However, when you want to convey an essential thought to someone you care about, you should want to write a letter properly as a mature person. Why not take the time to face your heart and express your gratitude and encouragement to your loved one in handwritten words?

Haibara’s Woodblock Printed Color Border Letter Set will elegantly assist you in conveying your feelings.

This popular Haibara letter set is made of white washi paper produced in Mino. They are bordered with vivid red, blue, grass, and orange colors using the woodblock printing and brushing method. A set of 6 pieces of letter paper measuring 21.8cm x 15.3cm and 3 envelopes.

The four colors, carefully bordered, complement the message written on the letter paper. The contrast with the pure white washi paper is a lovely gem.

The color of the edges is dyed by a craftsman using the Hakebiki method, skillfully shifting the color from one sheet to another. The vivid and tasteful colors unique to the hand-printing process will excite you.

Letter sets bordered in red are for congratulations and happy announcements.
Letter sets bordered in blue are ideal for business or formal announcements.
Letter sets bordered with grass or orange are suitable for casual occasions or cheerful content.

All colors are suitable for writing in Japanese as well as English letters.
Since there are no ruled lines, you can add a little illustration or other playful touches. When writing letters, you can use the grid underlays for a beautiful finish.

Red Border Letter Set and Blue Border Letter Set with a higher grade of Hosho-shi and Kujaku-shi paper

The Woodblock Printed Color Border Letter Set series includes the standard products Red Border Letter Set and Blue Border Letter Set.
Originally, the Red Border Letter Set and Blue Border Letter Set were first marketed.
The difference between them and the Color Border Letter Set is in size and material.

Red Border and Blue Border letterheads are slightly larger than Color Border, measuring 24.5 cm (H)×18.5 cm (W)×24.5 cm (H). For material, high-quality Japanese paper which artisans have carefully made are used: Hosho-shi for Red Border and Kujaku-shi for Blue Border,

A Haibara staff member told us that many fans have been using the set for generations, saying, “When writing letters, you must have the Red Border Letter Set,” and “For formal notices, the Blue Border Letter Set is indispensable.”

It is not easy to become a mature adult.
However, I would like to choose items not only influenced by appearance but also include the creator’s spirit, the background of production, and the presence that the thing itself gives off.
The comfort of choosing good things is a privilege reserved for adults.
When you think about it, doesn’t it make you happy to grow older?

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